The History of our samaj-4

Mataji gave them the guiding values and principles for their new profession

      Never earn through cheating             

       Never cheat your customers

       Never take what is not yours

       Work by which your customers will be satisfied

       Donate fourth part of your profits for the benefit of your society.


By doing so they would keep on reaping the fruits of their labor. Thus Hukamsinh Parmar became to be known as the first gold smith of Songadha Parajiya Kshatriya Samaj. He handed over this legacy to the younger generation along with the guiding values and principles of Mataj. Gradually the rest of the Kshatriyas began joining the profession and thus the Parajiya Soni Samaj came into existence. The idealism, Virtuosity & Sincerity of Shree Hukamsinh Parmar became a way of life.


In Year 1152 of Vikram Savant in the Hindu calendar or near the end of the 10th century AD. Songadha region faced a terrible famine & drought infamously known as the Valvaliya famine. This famine forced the Parajiya Kshatriya's to resettle themselves elsewhere. The leading Parajiya's of that time were

Shree Narvir Nandaji Chavda              Shree Gangaji Chouhan

Shree Damaji Barad                              Shree Vir Dada Jasraj Barad.


They led the community to the kingdom of Siddhraj Jaisinh Dev in the princely state of Siddhpur Pattan (Gujarat). The goldsmith's of the state were of Gurjar caste, they did not like to share their profession with the Parajiya's. Therefore they attacked the parajiyas but lost the battle miserably,


The Barot of Parajiya's "Shree Kalyan Rao" mediated between the warring parties and advised them to make an appeal to the King for a just solution.


The King advised them that the best way to prove their right was by showing their skills as Goldsmiths. Therefore to prove their skills the King gave each of them 25 Kilograms of gold to work with and gave them a fixed period of time in which to prove their skills.


The Gurjar Soni's created the image of a Fish which could swim in the water from their part of the allotted gold. They did this by cleverly filling the mould of the fish with live flies. Whereas the Parajiya Soni's having had come from outside; had no financial strength to even feed themselves. Therefore They sold all their gold bit by bit to sustain their families.


By the time to show their skills had also come they realized that only one gram of gold was left; In desperation the entire community prayed to Shree Hinglaj Mataji for help the legend says that Mataji appeared and instructed them to cover the gram of gold with a vessel and take it to the king.


She told them that they should uncover the gold only in front of the King. When the vessel was uncovered They found that the gram of gold had turned in to a live and beautiful golden swan.

The swan and the Fish were kept in the water before the entire royal court for everyone to see and judge. The swan, divinely blessed by Mataji, attacked the fish and split it into two. Upon which the flies came out of the Fish and attacked everyone present in the court.

This enraged the King very much. He thought even the Parajiyas must have also played some trick with their part of the gold. So thinking he pierced the Swan with his royal sword. Upon which the swan started bleeding. Seeing this every one was shocked and they realized that the Parajiyas were divinely blessed.