The family,community or nation that is not acquainted with its own history has no place in this world. The society records its history in terms of the achievements (not failures) made by their forefathers. It is their deeds and accomplishments that form the basis of principles, customs and way of life of the present day society.


We at the Rajkot Mahamandal have tried to chart the history of Parajiya Pattni Soni Gnati Samaj with the help from our Barots ( Family Historian), various historical reference materials like artifacts, literatures and other historical records.


The first reference to the word Parajiya Soni (Gold Smith of Parajiya Caste) is in the year 145 AD. This is believed to be the time when Shree Hinglaj Mataji blessed the Parajiya Kshatriya's with the art and skill of the Suvarnkar (goldsmith).

It is believed that the profession of gold smith originated at this time and it was taken up by the followers and descendants of Shree Hakam Sinh Parmar alias Hakami Banda. Today this art of creating exquisite Gold Jewellery has taken the Prarajiya Soni community all over the world; where they have been successful in establishing themselves in business environments totally alien to them. They also have contributed significantly towards the socio-economic development of these countries. Parajiya Soni's are the descendants of the warrior class also known as the Kshatriyas .They were ruling the Parajav region of the Indus valley (currently In Pakistan) These Kshatriyas of Parajav region were also known as Parajiyas


Forever ready to fight & to die for!

rather than to run away from the sense

of duty that is the Parajiya warrior